November 24, 2010

Almost There…

The kiln fired beautifully. Everyone put in their all, and we finished on time without a hitch.

Firing a kiln must be similar to sailing a ship: if the captain is not certain of the destination and the means to get there, all will be lost. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and Joseph was the ultimate leader.

We unloaded last weekend and the pots are G...O…R…G…E…O…U…S... gorgeous. Because we cannot wait to share them with you, we are including a bit of a teaser in this blog.

Stay tuned next week for a video preview, up close and personal, of the pots. At this opening, we will also have available some holiday ornaments, ranging in shape from snowmen to stars to little dogs. ALSO…As a special gift, the first six customers in line will receive a mug, the number on the mug corresponding with their place in line. Hope to see you on Dec 4th and 5th!

IMG_3687 IMG_3574 IMG_3601IMG_3613 IMG_3627 IMG_3630 IMG_3638 IMG_3641 IMG_3646 IMG_3655 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3664 IMG_3671 IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3683 IMG_3685

November 6, 2010

Last pots of 2010


So, this is it.  It’s crunch time.  Joseph’s been in the pottery non-stop the past few weeks just trying to get everything made that is on our laundry list of things we would like to have available at our Holiday Opening (Dec 4th and 5th, don’t forget!). 

This round, Joseph made some really sweet little teapots.  Come check them out, because they are truly adorable.

NC Aug-Sept 2010 004 (800x600)

He also made a couple boards worth of pitchers, and more than a few boards of lidded jars.  Pitchers will come in two sizes, and jars will range in size from small to large.IMG_3338 (800x600)

New this cycle, just for the holidays, we made ornaments.  And, I do really mean we this time (as VP of the pottery, I don’t really get my hands dirty very often).   You will find a range of ornaments for your holiday tree, including camels, reindeer, snowmen, chickens, angels, stars, a lion or two, and schnauzers (seriously!). 

NC Aug-Sept 2010 002 (600x800)

Finally, Joseph wrapped up his production cycle by cranking out a plethora of mugs.  We should have plenty for everyone.  And….for those that show up early on saturday, we have made, especially for you, commemorative mugs for the first 6 customers.  They are playfully decorated with the digits 1 through 6. 

 NC Aug-Sept 2010 018 (800x600)


This weekend, he has been busy cleaning up around the kiln with the help of our good friend Dale Hall.  He has been a devoted laborer here at the pottery and I know that Joseph is grateful for the additional help around the place.  The kiln is clean, shelves and posts have been prepped, and the pots are ready.  The firing schedule is made up, posted up on the fridge.  Loading starts tomorrow and ends on wednesday, with the first sign of flame in the kiln on thursday.  Temperature, and anticipation, will only build from there….


Finally, our good friend Daniel Johnston held a very special kiln opening, where he made 100 big pots.  It was incredible to pull up early and see a very substantial line, selling out of pots before we could even pick out one we liked.  Congratulations to Daniel, Kate, and John for a stellar feat!

IMG_3306 And it just so happened that a flock of current and previous Mark Hewitt apprentices were at the event. 

IMG_3310 Pictured, with date of apprenticeship at Hewitt Pottery: John Vigland, current apprentice for Daniel Johnston; Seth Guzovksy 2010-Present; Brad Lail 2010-Present; Daniel Johnston 1997-2001; Carol Hewitt; Joseph Sand 2006-2009; Alex Matisse 2008-2009; Matt Jones Fall 1999; and Eric Smith 2000-2002.