May 12, 2010

That much closer

Joseph has just finished the decoration on the kiln! He finished the firebox in the morning, laying brick and castable, with the remainder of the afternoon spent decorating the kiln in vibrant colors.

All that is left to complete now is the flashing around the chimney and a little kiln wash.

He will be making pots starting monday for our first kiln opening event. Our tentative date is August 21st and 22nd, with the special pre-sale for Buy A Brick customers on friday the 20th. You can still buy a brick and join us at the presale through May 31st at:

We're off to Art on the Vine this weekend in Mebane. Come check us out and say hi!

Using portland cement, black concrete stain, red iron oxide and local clay as pigments, the kiln is painted in true Joseph style!

Looking closely, the surface design of the kiln is reminiscent of a decoration Joseph uses on his pottery.

The firebox was completed using cartops and a high temperature castable. Joseph is going to add some brick on both sides to be able to stack pots in the firebox, as well.



  1. Oh my that's a big ass kiln. You can park your car in there in the winter.
    Nice Job!

  2. So proud of you guys! I can't wait to see what beautiful creations are going to be born. I see a lifetime of love arising out of the ashes!!
    momma egdorf

  3. So freakin beautiful!!! I can't wait to come visit!