March 27, 2011

Best Firing Yet

Thanks to all who contributed their services to this last kiln firing. We had the greatest results come out of the kiln that we have seen to date. They truly are spectacular.

Thanks goes out to….

IMG_3923 Lennie Maynor and Levi Mahan for doing the heavy lifting.


Smudge for providing snacks.

Sand Kiln Firing 104

Photo courtesy of Dennis Pearman

Brenda Hornsby-Heindl for rocking the front chamber. She is now the official “Anagama Mama."


Lucy for providing a welcome break and a quick snuggle.

Sand Kiln Firing 038

Photo courtesy of Dennis Pearman

Dave York and Trish Welsh for their steady hands and loyal service.

Sand Kiln Firing 014

Photo courtesy of Dennis Pearman

Ms. Amy from Jersey for her enthusiasm and eagerness to jump in (good luck on the AT, Amy!). And to Dave Stumpfle and Santiago Ramirez for their tireless efforts to fire the beastly kiln at ungodly times of the night.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the shiniest pots we have ever produced.

13 days and counting until the Spring Kiln Opening. Don’t forget to put it on your calendar! Get it while it’s hot!

Sand Kiln Firing 129

Photo courtesy of Dennis Pearman

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