January 22, 2012

We're expanding!

For those of you who have attended our kiln openings, you have seen that our gallery has always been a rustic, hodgepodge of a setup in the workshop.  It's been kind of like having relatives come to visit a few times a year and they get to stay in your bedroom, forcing you to sleep on the couch.  Your room needs to be cleaned up, or at least the piles of junk pushed under the bed and into the closet, before it is considered presentable.  We've decided that is about time we add on so that the finished pots no longer have to share a space with the unfinished, disposing of any jealousy or hidden resentment.  The finished pots are getting a space worthy of their beauty.

Joseph has been working uber hard, as he always does.  I've been constantly amazed at his structural creations and how incredibly talented he is with a hammer.  Neither cold winds nor sleeting rain has stopped this man from working on this new building.  It is gorgeous, and just happens to be bigger than our house.  No kidding.  But, it is an exceptional building and will show off the pots in the light they deserve.

Joseph is almost done with it, and has just run to Lowes to get a few more small items as I write this.  We hope that next time you come out to visit us that you will find the new space more inviting with an ample dose of charm and elegance.


  1. Yikes! when I first read this I thought it said We are expecting! A big difference huh?!? Hope to get out to another opening one of these days, I'm so busy every time you have one :(

  2. I love that long space. How exciting for you!