August 4, 2012

Summer Kiln Opening, Blog move and Baby News!

Joseph and I are expecting our first child!  Crazy news, right?  Yep, but a huge blessing, too. Not much to report except that I'm almost 17 weeks along and we'll be finding out if our little one is a boy or a girl on August 16th.

For our next kiln opening, we're doing something special and revealing the gender of our little Sand-ling by providing the appropriately colored treats.  Come join us and help us celebrate!

August 18th from 9am to 5pm
August 19th from Noon to 5pm

Also, our blog is moving to our new website:  Check it out!


  1. Awwwww.... What wonderful news!! On August 16 my baby will go back to college for her second year in film school:)
    Don't blink, yours will be grown before you know what happened!Congrats to you both xo

  2. enjoy! I loved and still love being Mom!

  3. Congrats! I'll have to check out your new site with pottery, because I just stumbled upon yours!