August 21, 2010

Sold Out! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Joseph and I are quite literally overwhelmed by the great success of our first kiln opening. We had a wonderful crowd of people show up and we are proud to have sent home many lovely pots to great new homes. It was a pleasure meeting new people and seeing our old friends again. We hope that you return for many more of our kiln openings.

Our first kiln opening has been so successful that we actually sold most of the pots by noon on Saturday. We still have the opening advertised as running from noon until 5:00 on Sunday. If you didn’t make it out today and plan on coming on Sunday, please be advised that there are very few pots left, mainly large ones. We would love to have you visit us and look around the pottery, but we apologize for the lack of pots. We would welcome you to come to the next opening which will probably be in the first part of December.

Joseph will be busy this next week starting on the next cycle of pots. We look forward to seeing all of you for the next kiln opening!


  1. WOW! I know how many pots you had out there so that's pretty great to see so many people out buying pottery! Even the big pots. Mine are happy in their new home and think that I have a new set of bowls in my future! Let me know if you need any help out there, always looking for an excuse to get down that way :)
    Congratulations you two!

  2. That's a LOT of pots! Congrats on the sales! I wish I could have come, as I saw a couple in the pictures that I would have liked to have. I hope your next opening goes as well!

  3. Sorry to have missed it. Congrats to you! I'm very happy for you and look forward to the next sale.