October 9, 2010

Back at it again…

Asheboro Fall Festival 2010f

Well, as many of you know, we had a fantastic turnout at our kiln opening, proceeding to completely sell out of pots.  What a bummer, right?!?!  We had plan B and plan C all ready in the wing to take up the extra inventory we assumed we would have.  So, when the Asheboro Fall Festival rolled around, we were a little unsure of what to do.  Finally, we decided it would be most important for us to be present at the event, but what to do about pots?  We had to dig up all the pots we had set aside for ourselves to keep (include a few that the family members from Minnesota had purchased), packed them VERY carefully, and drove to the festival.

  Asheboro Fall Festival 2010g

The large pots were delivered the night previous, with the help of our neighbor’s pickup truck.  Ours was on the mend at the time, with a stubby tire (i.e. standard) substitute for the rear wheel, since the tires one-by-one had the treads literally explode off of them while driving.  The tires on the truck are those super-duty all-terrain kind that tell passers-by that this is a “serious work truck.”  Just the day previous, I had to go and rescue Joseph in Seagrove because this very thing had just happened.  He had just stopped at STARworks to pick up some clay and other materials and made it about 10 miles before disaster ensued.  Luckily, I was available so I popped down to help him replace the tire, moving about 300 pounds of clay into the trunk of our diesel VW Jetta. 

Needless to say, we made it here to downtown Asheboro with no problems.  The event turned out really well and we had a great response from those that visited our booth.  We did a giveaway of one of our pots we had set aside, which was really fun.  A lot of people signed up for that one. 

Joseph has been busy in the workshop and around the pottery lately.  We only have about a month to finish up pots before the firing.  It’s coming up fast, but we’ll be more ready for this one, having experienced one firing and kiln opening already.

good work!2

good work!3

good work!5

When Joseph wraps up making and glazing in the workshop, he heads out to one of his many wood piles around the place to get some chainsaw action.  Nothing like good work to help you fall asleep quickly at night!


no problem!

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